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Zbooks 7 Day Challenge - Publish Your First Ebook on Amazon!


Start and FINISH your book...NOW!

There is no better way to 

  • kick-start your BLOG
  • publish a BOOK
  • double your SALES
  • or even start a BUSINESS 

-- than with a free Ebook on Amazon!


Today you learn how to research your book's category (i.e.placement in Amazon) AND come up with winning titles to:

  • So you can INCREASES your SALES...
  • and BEAT the competition books!


Today you learn how to make an awesome cover - the most important part!

  • So you can Catch your customer's eye...
  • Stand out on the page...
  • and HOLD them for the SALE!


Today you do the actual writing:

  • I give you TEMPLATES used by BESTSELLING authors!
  • Learn how to GAIN SUBSCRIBERS...
  • And all this with out having to write 50k words!


You learn how to AUTOMATE the lead collection process:

  • With FREE Tools - it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg...
  • With paid tools that also do not cost an arm and a leg...
  • And have way more function so you can Maximize sales.


Today you learn how EASY it is to make an Ebook:

  • Proper formatting - easier than you thought - seriously!
  • Different tools and platforms - You will get the job done in ONE-SHOT!
  • No more hassles!


Today you learn how to upload your new Ebook to Amazon and other platforms:

  • I show you which requirements you MUST meet...
  • And which requirements you DON'T need, so you can save LOTS of Time!
  • The SHORTCUT to the top!


Today you make your preliminary book PERMANENTLY FREE:

The perma-free model WORKS:

  • A free book on Amazon collecting new readers for you on AUTOPILOT...
  • You grow your list in your sleep!

Day-8-Bonus day!

Follow up and OPTIMIZATION:

  • How to WIN information and USE it to MAXIMIZE your sales MORE...
  • WHAT to change, that makes sense.
  • AND we announce the winners!

All graduates get their book permanently showcased in the winner circle! (FREE traffic 😉 )


The challenge equipped me with the knowledge, tools, and a clear direction necessary to achieve my goal, continuous support to stay on track, feedback to adjust my actions on the go. And what is of particular value – the challenge guided me to the long-sought point where I overcame fear of exposing my writing and connected my work to the world-wide audience.I definitely recommend this 7 Days Challenge for everyone who wants to succeed in self-publishing."  -- Jenn Fiden

"I enjoyed the course offered by Eric Z. He was clear and concise, I was able to follow his direction and completed my book. It was fun seeing the project come together in such a short space of time. I really like the extra tips and links he shares for great helps in formatting the project. His course is certainly worth the time. My book Papers, Pages and Poetry is the result of Eric Z'z awesome 7 day Challenge." -- M.Kari Barr

“Thank you for a very good course, so well taught! As a teacher, you are as patient as you are knowledgeable; you’ve put together an end-to-end collection of how-to guides, videos, templates, and tools as well. All in all, great value for the money. Thank you, again!” – Karl
"I just wanted to say thanks for this last bit for the course. It took me a month and a half to finish the seven day challenge, but I wound up writing a full length novel. I don’t think I could have done that without the course.

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If you are not satisfied with your course, you send 1 email within 30 days, we make 1-click -no questions asked- and you are refunded your money!

Stop stalling my friend - We will CONQUER TECHNOLOGY TOGETHER!
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Zbooks 7 Day Challenge - Publish Your First Ebook on Amazon!

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