Publish Your Lead Magnet on Amazon - Get More Leads!

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Convert your PDF Lead Magnet into a Kindle Ebook that you can sell on Amazon! Or make it free to collect leads! In this video course you will learn how to convert your PDF into an EPUB or MOBI that you can upload to Amazon and sell as an Ebook e.g. on Kindle.

We will be using all free tools and software:

  • Google Docs - requires a Gmail account
  • Calibre - FREE download
  • Nothing else required!

It's a book making course all in one:
When you are done with this course, you will be able to make ANY book you want for Amazon and other platforms!

And that is a viable and PROFITABLE side-hustle my friends.

You can go into business for yourself ARMED with this new knowledge and start getting orders and contracts today on Updesk and Elance, converting OTHER people's lead magnet!

You can literally make HUNDREDS per day! Just google Lise Cartwright for an example!

Wow, Nice work! I have been wanting to convert
some of the PDF files to Word and then maybe to
.mobi but have not found a workable solution.
Until Now... This is some Awesome work! You are
the King of Docs. You have went way beyond the
norm with the videos and the Bonus Videos.
Great Work! I will implement this immediately.
And the great thing about this is you can use this
Lead Magnet if you have an idea to use without having
a PDF to convert...
Awesome Work Eric, Keep Up The Great Work! 
--Floyd Cryer

Course Syllabus

1. Introduction

2. Upload and Convert

3. Reformat

4. Bullet Points and Other Formatting Tips

5. Add The Table of Contents

6. The Front Matter of Your Book

7. Resize and Add Pics

8. More Pic Tips

9. Download Manuscript

10. Small Bonus #1

11. Convert to Kindle Formats - .epub

12. First Check and Edit in Calibre

13. Advanced Correction in Calibre

14. Convert to Kindle Format - .mobi for Kindle Devices

15. Transfer .mobi to Kindle

16. Transfer .epub to Android and Other Devices

17. Upload to Amazon

18. Final Check and Publish


20. Bonus # 2 Amazon Description Field

21. Bonus # 3 Amazon Peview Field – Leads!

22. Bonus #4 Google Play


24.Bonus #6 How to Make Your Book/Lead Magnet Permanently Free in Amazon 



Come join and get everything you need to finish your books.

We ONLY use FREE tools and software, so you are INSTANTLY PROFITABLE on launch day, Win-Win!

Some of the goodies you get when you join Zbooks:

  • Pre-formatted ready-to-use templates, just add your text, delete mine - DONE! The same templates used by BESTSELLING authors!

  • Cool tools like the Title Creator that Sells YOU more books.
  • A FREE Video course that walks you through the Calibre formatting process
  • A FREE Video course that shows you how to make your own graphic covers
  • And more!

I want this!
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Publish Your Lead Magnet on Amazon - Get More Leads!

0 ratings
I want this!